Monitor and control chemical feed at your water treatment plant or in your industrial process. Force Flow provides weight-based and ultrasonic systems for monitoring chemical usage, level and feed rate. Also automated onsite chemical dilution and day tank auto refill systems. Force Flow monitoring and control products can improve your liquid, gas and dry chemical feed applications.  We can put together a professional chemical feed system that meets all of your requirements.  Contact us today for more information.


The CHEM-SCALE™ allows plant personnel to accurately monitor chemical feed rates, usage and level in day tanks sized from 50 to 500 gallons.  Platforms are available in Tuf-Coat Steel or 316 Stainless.

Tote Bin Scale

IBC TOTE SCALE™ is ideal for monitoring tote fed chemicals.  Simply place tote on platform and monitoring begins.  Non-Intrusive, non-contacting level and usage measurement.


The Drumm-Scale™ is a simple and reliable way to accurately monitor the amount of chemical fed from your day tank and enables accurate compliance with Government required documentation of chemical use.  The low-profile Tuf-Coat™ steel platform permits easy on and off loading of tanks.

Wizard Indicator

The Wizard 4000® is an extremely powerful chemical inventory management system for monitoring chlorine gas, sodium hypochlorite, hydrofluosilicic acid and all other chemicals used in water treatment. The Wizard 4000 helps insure a safe process and a safe plant by providing essential information such as current chemical feed rate, how much chemical has been fed, and how much chemical remains. Monitors up to four scales.

Solo G2 Indicator

The SOLO® G2 Digital Weight Indicator, when combined with a scale, offers a dependable yet economical way to see exactly how much chemical is being used and how much remains in you tank.  The SOLO G2 allows readability to 0.1 lb/kg and is available as a single or dual channel unit.